Searching for a different sort of stocking stuffer to keep your season bright? Look no further than the gift that keeps on giving. The intimate world has had a buzz for cannabis infused lubricants and pleasure oils since celebrity endorsements and viral articles in the United States caused many to ask “can I get my lady parts stoned?”. But what is this so called “weed lube”, and how do products like Canna Sutra’s line of personal lubricants help press play for a higher level of intimacy?

What’s in a Name?

Simply, Cannabis infused lubricants (or pleasure oils, as they are sometimes called), utilize THC extractions with a dewaxed carrier oil base, such as almond or coconut oil to deliver lubrication during intimacy. Some can include a selected blend of essential oils, either for a pleasant scent, or to offer an aromatherapeutic boost to a sensory experience. A safe play note when engaging – remember that latex breaks down with oil, so be sure to pick your trusted brand of latex free condoms so your only break will be for hydration.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

When talking about using Cannabis infused Lubricants for pleasure, sensitivity is key. Many users of infused lubricants will speak to the elevated levels of sensation from touch and stimulation for heat or cold, where some will express increased stamina and vitality in performance. The experience can be different across the gender spectrum – as increased blood flow can increase stamina in male users while adding a heightened sensitivity for females. Wise words were once written “with great power comes great responsibility” – when first trying out, start with a small amount to help unlock the strength within. Because of their ability to heighten sensitivity, Cannabis infused lubricants have been known to cause ( or assist in) multiple orgasms, depending on the area of application. Canna Sutra’s Personal Lubricant offers ample warning on the packaging of it’s “uplifting” effects – but sometimes you have to experience to believe for yourself.

Keeping it Tongue and Cheeky

So, can you get your genitals “high”? The correct answer: maybe. The female genital area as well as the anal canal are lined with mucous membranes – whose primary functions include absorption. Because of the function to absorb, and the bodies ease to accept carriers like coconut oil, the THC content in an infused lubricant can be absorbed into the body in a way that can have you feeling the traditional “body high” effect. Mucous membranes, although thought most actively of in the nasal cavities, also appear in the eyes and inside the mouth – which is why eye drops and sublingual dosing can be so effective. It’s important to note that oral play can act as a sublingual dose if your partner has applied a Cannabis infused lubricant to their genital area – so you may want to think twice about operating any heavy machinery outdoors and leave any heavy-lifting and high tech devices used outside the bedroom for another night.

Words may not be enough to express the comfort and joy a hand-picked, handcrafted Cannabis infused lubricant can bring this holiday season. Join in all the reindeer games and get ready to warm up in a higher level of intimacy.

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